Social Media Is Big Business


  • 1 In 7 People Are Entrenched In Social Media For Personal Use
  • Social Commerce Sales Will Reach $30 Billion Annually By 2015 With 50% Of Web Sales Through Social Media
  • 1 IN 3 Small Businesses Use Facebook
  • Nearly 10 Million Registered Small Businesses Use Facebook
  • Over 42 Million “Pages” on Facebook, Many For Business With 17% Selling Products
  • Facebook Fans Are
    • 79% More Likely To Purchase Vs. Only 41% of Non-Fans
    • 74% Are More Likely To Recommend a Product Vs. Only 38% of Non-Fans
  • Facebook Drives 26% Of Referral Traffic To Business Websites
  • 38% Of Users Post Brand-Related Content To Their Walls
  • 20% Of Shoppers Prefer To Purchase Products Vis Facebook Than The Brand’s Website
  • 56% Of Businesses See A Drop In Marketing Costs When Moving Onto Facebook
Source: VOCUS

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