Outdoor Advertising: A reliable complement to online and mobile display

Outdoor Advertising: A reliable complement to online and mobile display

For an increasing number of our clients and for a large number of Marketers in general, online and mobile display is now the foundation that annual media plans are built upon. It certainly makes sense - as my Grandfather always used to say “you gotta shoot where the ducks are flying”

That being said, the challenges surrounding digital ad viewership are well-known and continue to receive increasing analysis and scrutiny. In a recent study, eMarketer found that 26.3% of internet users will block ads this year. They forecast that in 2016 69.8 million Americas will use an ad blocker, a YOY increase of 34%.

In addition to ad blocking, ad viewability is a concern. Many marketing marketers are shocked to learn that that over half of online display ads are not viewable by consumers. With bots accounting for over 60% of internet traffic, the percentage of digital ads that are viewed by a real person is pushed even lower.  Unquestionably, while digital media is unmatched in reach and targeting capabilities, there is waste and inefficiency (two word that are like fingernails across the blackboard to any marketer) inherent in digital media.

So, what is a Marketer to do? A core function of any agency is to constantly evaluate and optimize the media mix. As part of that process, we have increased emphasis in including outdoor impressions in our media planning.

Out Of Home Advertising- The Benefits of Outdoor Advertising 

An excellent complement to digital advertising is outdoor advertising or out-of-home advertising (OOH advertising). Unlike online advertising, it is bot resistant and not susceptible to proactive ad blocking technology. Below are some of the many advantages of outdoor advertising:

  • Increased viewing potential due to longer average commute times
  • Reliable impressions from real ads not subject to Bot fraud or ad blocking technology
  • Nearly one-fourth of viewers prompted by OOH ads to search for additional information
  • Outdoor advertising is viewable every second of every day of the year
  • Frequency as consumers repeat commuting and local driving patterns
  • Competitive CPMS

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