Marketing to the Right Radio Format: Which Format Matches Your Target Audience?

Marketing to the Right Radio Format: Which Format Matches Your Target Audience?

People have been forecasting the death of radio since the birth of television in the 1940s. But these predictions about the demise of radio are simply untrue. Radio is alive and thriving, in spite of what many people have said. In 2015 Forbes reported that 93 percent of adults listen to the radio every week. That's a larger audience than television, which reaches 87 percent of adults every week.

Radio advertising can be highly effective because of the huge audience it reaches every day. Many people listen to the radio in the car or all day while they are at work. But to get the most out of your radio advertising campaign, you have to know your target audience to make sure that you are marketing to the right radio format. Here are the top demographic audiences for each radio format:

• News/Talk: Men, ages 45-54
• Country: Country radio is the number one radio format nationwide.
• Classic Hits or "Oldies": Men ages 45-54.
• Adult Contemporary: Women ages 35-44
• Hispanic: Hispanic radio is one of the most rapidly growing radio formats, which reaches all Spanish speakers ages 18 and older.
• Adult Standards: Listenership is declining for this radio format, which is primarily for men and women ages 55 and older.
• Top 40/Contemporary Hit: Men and women ages 18-34
• Soft Adult Contemporary: Women ages 35-54
• Religious: Women, especially employed mothers ages 25-44
• Classic Rock: Baby boomers, primarily men ages 45-54

Radio is a powerful advertising tool that can have an awesome ROI for businesses. Knowing your target audience and the best radio format to reach that audience is the first step in planning a successful radio advertising campaign.

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