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Successful Marketing Strategies For Multi-Location Businesses

Corporate Marketers: Are Your Individual Locations Ad-Ready? Often, our agency finds itself in the paradoxical position of recommending to our clients that they not place advertising, even though they had allocated budget dollars. While this initially seems like marketing blasphemy, once the existential crisis passes, we realize it is actually a good refresher on the…
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Common Misconceptions About Marketing To Adults 50+

In monitoring the Republican and Democratic conventions these past two weeks, it is apparent that the election is going to be won on the margins. That is, whichever party can identify and sway the most undecided voters will likely win. Similarly, our 25+ years in the business have showed us that the success of our…
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Outdoor Advertising: A reliable complement to online and mobile display

Outdoor Advertising: A reliable complement to online and mobile display For an increasing number of our clients and for a large number of Marketers in general, online and mobile display is now the foundation that annual media plans are built upon. It certainly makes sense - as my Grandfather always used to say “you gotta…
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The Importance Of Online Customer Reviews

With customers now empowered to share their experience with brands in real-time for all consumers to see, the ability to encourage, monitor and engage with consumers has become an essential marketing tool. Check out these stats on online reviews: Infographic by- Invesp
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Advertising APPtitude

Advertising APPtitude Survey Insight Into Understanding Advertising Supported Apps In the past three months, 80% of Smartphone users downloaded apps that have ads (free versions of paid apps) Consumer opinion of advertisement supported apps- Consumers don’t care if ads are at the bottom of the screen, but dislike random pop-ups while using the app. Consumers…
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The Value Of A Multi Faceted Global Marketing Strategy

What is the value of a great product that is promoted properly with great Promotion and Press Releases along with a Multi-faceted, Global Radio Promotion & Marketing Strategy? Just ask our client and good friend two-time Grammy winner Carl Jackson. His latest album release ‘Orthophonic Joy’ has been driven ‘to the forefront of global radio,…
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10 Ways To Generate Leads Online

Turn your website into a lead generation machine 1- Hellobar Providing a free newsletter or free e-book? Then this is a fantastic place to advertise it! It isn’t an in your face marketing ploy, but rather it provides a subtle way of pushing a product. 2- Sidebar opt-in Probably the most common way of capturing…
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10 Hot Consumer Trends 2015

10 Hot Consumer Trends 2015

Rapidly evolving urban consumer attitudes are transforming our world. With only 5 years to go until 2020, the future seems closer than ever.

1- The Streamed Future

  • Three quarters of us regularly watch streamed video
  • In 2015 more people will watch streamed on-demand video on a weekly basis than broadcast TV

2- Helpful Homes

  • Around half of Smartphone owners would like home sensors that alert them to water and electricity issues, or when family members come and go.

3- Mind Sharing

  • 40% of Smartphone owners would like to use a wearable device to communicate with others directly through thoughts.
  • More than two thirds believe this will be mainstream by 2020.

4- Smart Citizens

  • 70% of Smartphone owners believe that Traffic Volume Maps, Energy Use Comparison Apps, and Water Quality Checkers will be mainstream by 2020

5- The Sharing Economy

  • 50% of all Smartphone owners are open to the idea of renting out their Personal Appliances, Spare Rooms, and Leisure Equipment as it is convenient and saves money.

6- The Digital Purse

  • 48% of Smartphone owners would prefer to use their phone to pay for goods and services.
  • 80% believe that the Smartphone will replace their entire purse by 2020.

7- My Information

  • 56% of Smartphone owners would like information to be encrypted.

8- Longer Life

  • Consumers believe services such as Jogging Apps, Pulse Meters, and Plates That Measure Food will help to prolong our lives by up to two years per application.

9- Domestic Robots

  • 64% of consumers think a range of domestic robots that could help with everyday chores will be common in households by 2020.

10- Children Connect Everything

  • 46% of Smartphone owners say that children will expect all objects to be connected when they are older.
Source: Ericsson 2014

Business Intelligence & Big Data

Business Intelligence & Big Data On-Demand Actionable Analytics Are Crucial To Understanding A Rapidly Changing Marketing Landscape 70% of Marketers Do Not Report Regularly To Management Regarding The Social Media Conversations About Their Brand Source: Alterian Big data is a broad term for data sets so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are…
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