The State Of Digital Marketing In 2015

The State Of Digital Marketing In 2015

What Works Best In Digital Marketing Today?

The Global Digital Picture
• 3 Billion / 40% of the World’s Population Are Using the Internet
• 2/3 of the World’s Internet Users are from the Developing World
• Doubled –The Number of Internet Users Doubled by 2014 Over the Past 5 Years In Developing Countries

Most Popular Devices Used To Search The Internet
• 91% PC/Laptop
• 80% Smartphone
• 47% Tablet
• 37% Games Console

Emerging Devices Used To Search The Internet
• 34% Smart TV
• 9% Smart Watch
• 7% Smart Wristband
• 2% None Of The Above

Mobile Web Usage In 2015 & Beyond
• The Average Consumer Engages With Their Mobile Device - 200 TIMES A DAY
• 2 HOURS & 21 MINUTES- Average Time Per Day Spent On Mobile
• In 2015 Global Smartphone Use Will Reach 2BILLION
• Mobile Web Will Dominate Desktop Use By 2015
• Mobile Optimized Websites Are Critical & Now Affect Google Organic Rankings

Social Media Marketing Is A Pillar in 2015
• 88% of Marketers Will Use LinkedIn as a Solid B2B Marketing Platform
• 42% of Marketers Plan To Increase Using Instagram in 2015
• 200 Million Users Engage Instagram, Now An Essential Business Preferred Image-Sharing Platform
• Social Payments Will Allow Small Businesses To Benefit From "One Click Payment"
• Apps Like Twitter allow Businesses To Sell Their Products Instantly Without Leaving The App
• Email Marketing Will Include Repurposed Content Like Downloadable PDF’s, eBooks & Whitepapers

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