10 Ways To Generate Leads Online

Turn your website into a lead generation machine

1- Hellobar
Providing a free newsletter or free e-book? Then this is a fantastic place to advertise it! It isn’t an in your face marketing ploy, but rather it provides a subtle way of pushing a product.

2- Sidebar opt-in
Probably the most common way of capturing leads without being overwhelming on a website. It is a nice way to use that extra space on your side bar to giving away something for free in exchange of email.

3- Feature Box
Feature Box is a big banner at the top of your homepage which has the sole aim of turning visitors into subscribers. The reason it works so well is that it sits above the fold area and is non-obtrusive, unlike pop-ups, which are not nicely designed most of the time.

4- Pop Ups
Pop-Ups are a proven way of generating conversions and boosting your lead capturing statistics.
eConsultancy reports that an average overlay will increase opt-ins by up to 400%, and the 15 second timing beat 30-seconds by 11%, as well as 45-second timing by 50%. So give some thought to your pop-up design, headline, and offer, and don’t be afraid to test several options.

5- Exit Pop Up
Exit pop-ups appear when the visitor is about to leave your website. It provides one last chance to capture their email address and is best utilized to garner slightly more information than a regular pop-up.
Exit popups should have slightly more detail, and ideally should promote a specific part of your product/service to convince people to stay on your site or at least give out their email address.

6- Slide-In Pop-Ups
Slide in allows you to create graceful and eye catching marketing messages that grab your audiences attention and convert them to your product or service. They work because they are triggered when you are scrolling and catch attention of the reader.
They are not obtrusive, like conventional pop-ups, and sit on the bottom right corner space without blocking you from reading the posts; additionally, you can close them.

7- Blog Post Opt-In
One of the best places on your website and blog to capture a leads in the actual post! When someone reads your website or blog post, they like it because it is informative and engaging, and they want to see more.

8- Guest Post Landing Page
Create a specially designed landing page for visitors to your site. The key element is to add the logo of the website where a visitor is coming from, a welcome headline and alternately, you can shoot a quick video, welcome them, and talk about your expertise, what benefit you can offer them, so that they will give their email to you in return for a giveaway or future updates.

9- Welcome Gate
Rather than sending new visitors to your homepage, they are sent directly to a landing page with a simple opt-in box. This is a smart way to ensure that most new visitors to your site will sign up and get added to your list, thereby increasing your outreach and bumping up your conversion rate.

10- Landing Page
A customized page that your leads are directed to from a social media page, an email send, a paid ad or a CTA button from the website itself. Creating a landing page for every campaign is a critical part of conversion and optimization.
Key Elements of a Landing Page are: Headline (Primary & Secondary), Introduction (Detail about the Giveaway- Guide or Webinar), Key Points, and Visual Elements (Cover Image or a Video to increase conversions).

Source: Omnicore

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